Bespoke CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management

Bespoke CRM Software

Improve customer relationships
Manage your business's interaction with current and potential customers

The Bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is an efficient, cost-effective, and intuitive system that can be very easily tailored to your needs. It improves overall accuracy and efficiency for your business by helping you manage customer data, deliver actionable insights, integrate with social media, support sales management, and facilitate team communication.

Being cloud-based, our CRM Software offers complete mobility so you can easily access and manage the information you need from any device wherever you are, in a timely manner! With our CRM Software, you can also have access to a range of other Bespoke apps (e.g. for marketing automation and customer service) that have been designed specifically to help businesses improve customer relationships and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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Manage customer data and facilitate team communication
  • All the latest information about your customers — from contact details to service conversations — easily available to access and update.
  • Forecasting reports that enable people to get better visibility over pipelines, qualify leads more accurately, and see how close they are to hitting their targets.
  • A system that enables you track pipeline activities, tasks and targets, all the way from prospect to conversion.
  • Real-time instant messaging functionality that makes it easier for colleagues to ask and answer each other’s queries.
  • Team members can upload information to a centrally stored location, and share easily and instantly with colleagues.
  • Information is aggregated and presented in intuitive, meaningful dashboard displays that can be customised based on each person’s permissions and priorities.
  • Sync your email clients instantly with the CRM system to allow you get a complete view of your customers and leads without having to log in and out of different systems.
  • Mobile CRM capabilities that allow people to access key information wherever they are, and update that information straight after a meeting while they are still in the field, so colleagues can follow up with the very latest information, securing your edge over the competition.
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