Facts and Questions

Who Owns The Software?

You’ll own it – it belongs to you, and it can be added to as and when your company grows and your requirements change. And yes the software does come with both light and dark modes out of the box.

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Research & Development Credits?

Research and Development (R&D) relief credits support companies that work on innovative projects in science and technology.

It can be claimed by a range of companies that seek to research or develop an advance in their field.
It can even be claimed on unsuccessful projects.

You may be able to claim Corporation Tax relief if your project meets HMRC’s definition of R&D.

For more information, please visit the UK Government website.

A screenshot of the UK government website, to find out more about research and development credits

How Does Hosting Work?

When a developer/designer creates a website they then upload this to a server which can be accessed using the internet, this allows others to view and use your site.

Hosting is the space on the server your site is using. You would need to rent this space from the server provider for your website to stay available online.

We can offer you a hosting and support package to assure your website stays online at all times.

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What Is MVP?

MVP stands for minimum viable product. This is the version of a product with just enough features to achieve the project goal and provide feedback for future development.

An image of an application being built, representing a minimum viable product.

What Is Agile Software Development?

Agile software development is a project management methodology that focuses on iterative development of the MVP, getting your software live quicker and therefore more cost-effective.

We focus on what’s necessary for launch first and then refine later, so you can start generating/saving revenue as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve launched, we’ll then agree next steps and deploy in bite-sized updates.

Each bite-size chunk of work goes through development and project management testing before reaching you for review.

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What Are The Advantages Of Bespoke Software?

You can find generic ‘pay-monthly’ CRM, HRM, and ERM software packages available online but what may suit one business will not suit another.

That means generic software packages, although useful, will never do all the things you need them to.

An advantage of bespoke software is there is no rules or limitations. Want your software to integrate with your accounting software? No problem. Want your software to automatically keep your email marketing list up to date? or how about send you a reminder each month to perform that task that you always forget to do.

With bespoke software the possibilities are truly endless.

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Can I Import My Existing Data?

Absolutely. We can import existing data so that you don’t have to input each one individually. Saving you time from the start!

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Are You Based In The United Kingdom?

We are indeed! Our head office is based in Norfolk, just outside Norwich (15 minutes from the city centre by car), however we work with companies all over the world.

Some of the areas we cover

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What Is Cloud Software?

Traditional software requires manual installation on each individual PC which can be a high expense and is not very flexible as it is only installed on the designated hardware.

Common problems with this are; a rise of data loss when hardware faults occur and the lack of flexibility for you and your team.

Cloud-based software is software that is available via the internet instead, which can therefore be accessed anywhere, including on the go! As you can access the software from any internet-based device, you can work from anywhere therefore reducing your running costs and giving you and your team flexibility.

Another benefit of having cloud-based software is that, as it is stored predominately in large data centres, it is constantly backed up therefore it is a lot less likely to be at risk of data loss.

Also, cloud-based software is more scalable therefore it will be able to grow with your business!

An image of computers syncing with the cloud, representing web based software.

Is Bespoke Software Secure?

Yes, bespoke software is custom-built, specifically to be secure and includes protection for cross site request forgery (CSRF), Denial of Service (DOS) and SQL injection attacks out of the box.

All passwords are encrypted to the latest bcrypt/AES standards, rotated regularly and automatically checked against hundreds of millions of real world passwords previously exposed in data breaches. Plus all applications come with secure headers and an SSL certificate by default.

All of your passwords are protected via encrypted vaults (even we don’t know your passwords.)

Our servers are constantly updated, patched and backed up and as we always use the most up-to-date coding languages and technology we can ensure that our software is secure.

We also offer a range of additional security features including two-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, and single sign-on (SSO).

An image of a locked computer, representing secure software.