How We Work

We will always send you a contract when starting a new project with you that outlines everything we have discussed, so that you can be sure you get what you are expecting.

We are also happy to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) as we understand your amazing ideas need protecting!

Image of a signed agreement, representing that we take privacy seriously.

Coding Standards

We have a very high standard for code and are constantly keeping an eye on the current trends and security measures.

Some software companies use niche coding languages to build your software quickly, whereas we use the most cutting-edge technology and the most popular, well supported languages.

All of our code is written clearly and neatly in a readable format therefore it is easy to understand and most senior developers would be able to adapt and change where necessary.

We make sure that all of our code conforms to PSR standards.

Image of a programmer coding, representing high standards.

Security Best Practices

Our software is custom-built to be secure and includes protection CSRF (cross site request forgery) which includes SQL injection protections.

All of your passwords are encrypted to the latest bcrypt/AES standard and all applications come with an SSL certificate.

Also, all of your passwords are protected via encrypted vaults (even we don’t know your passwords.)

Our servers are constantly updated, patched and backed up and as we always use the most up-to-date coding languages and technology we can ensure that our software is secure.

Image of a login screen with a padlock, representing security.

Agile & Scrum

Agile is a method of project management especially popular in the software development industry. The main objective of this method is to launch the project quickly by following an iterative development.

Scrum is an agile practise used for managing projects, this refers to the iterative releases otherwise known as sprints.

Image of team members brainstorming a strategy.

Deployment Process

We’ve found it’s best to iteratively develop your site, deploying changes frequently but in bite-size chunks.

Each chunk goes through a rigorous testing and deployment process to ensure your project has a smooth transition from local code to online, usable software.

Image of a version controlled deployment process

Billing Process

We offer a few payment methods including; PayPal, Stripe, Bank transfer and Direct debits (using GoCardless) however these options may depend on the package that best suits your project.

Image of an invoice to demonstrate one of the payment methods that bespoke software offers.