What is API Management & Integration?

We can make your ideas come to life using APIs and integration.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) can be described simply as messengers between your clients and the computer software. It handles your request, tells the system what to do and returns the response back to you. Therefore, making them a very important tool when considering what delivery company would best suit the product ordered or what flight to take when travelling.

You can use APIs to deliver this information directly to your clients without having to find it manually. Therefore, saving you a significant amount of time. APIs are masters of communication and can join together several software systems to provide you with an overall package.

Integration is defined as combining one or more systems together to achieve a joint goal. For example; We can combine your time tracking system with your invoicing system to be sure you never under-charge for the time spent on a project. Integration is the main goal of an API.

Integration and APIs are huge benefits of investing in custom-built software as we can combine plenty of APIs and existing systems into our bespoke framework therefore offering you the complete software package that can operate numerous automated tasks.

What are some of the advantages?

Advantages of APIs and integration are;

  1. Automation saves you and your clients time whilst also reducing human error.
  2. They have the ability to retrieve and re-input your data from legacy software therefore allowing you to transfer all of your information easily to a new system.
  3. We can use APIs to share your data across different systems, for example; your CRM system needs to communicate with your booking system to arrange meetings, events or services.
  4. E-commerce software often needs to communicate stock, products, orders and invoices with your accounting software, APIs can allow us to automate this connection.
  5. It is not just internal communication also, For example; e-commerce software communicating to your customer via text messages for the GPS tracking for their deliveries.
  6. Anything is possible!

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