Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM Software?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a piece of software that allows you to manage and store your client's data to contact / follow up / manage workloads and store relevant information.

This allows businesses to keep track of how many clients they have, the client orders and also gives employees access to relevant information and contact details for the clients.

Some additional systems also allow you to use your CRM to advertise directly to your current client list via emailed newsletters.

What are the benefits?

CRM systems help you and your business stay organised therefore there are plenty of benefits for using a CRM system, for example:

  1. You will no longer forget to respond to an email or check back in on a client to ensure they received their order
  2. They allow you to check on the stages of a clients order, to be sure that you can keep your client in the loop
  3. You are also able to leave notes and relevant information to be sure that your employees are always informed and your client is happy no matter who they speak to within the business.

These features focus on your relationship with your clients and help you to continue to maintain this positively.

How is Bespoke CRM Software different?

CRM software is used frequently by businesses of all sizes and some of the largest (well-known) businesses use CRM systems to manage their client base. You may even be familiar with the popular off-the-shelf CRMs. However, at Bespoke, we create custom CRMs which give you the control over each feature and function you would like to include.

As we build this to your specification, the software is completely tailored to your needs. It will grow with your business, and you will own it!

Not sure if Bespoke Software is right for you?

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