What is E-commerce & Stock Control Software?

E-commerce and stock control software provides you with a front-end website that you can use to sell your products whilst providing back-end functionality to control and monitor the stock levels and delivery methods.

It helps you and your business stay organised and handle your stock efficiently and effectively.

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What are the benefits?

Our Bespoke E-Commerce and stock control software provides you with a fully adaptable E-Commerce website that can grow with your business, therefore, offering you the following functions and much more;

  1. You can manage and keep track of your stock, therefore allowing you to adapt to your users' needs and requests. Taking the guesswork out of your stock allocation.
  2. We can offer you the functionality to analyse your client's behaviours. Allowing you to adjust and improve based on this data.
  3. We can offer you support packages making sure that your e-commerce site is always online.
  4. You can link it to the warehouse equipment including barcode scanners and further stock control systems.
  5. Payment systems can also be integrated. The default systems we support are; Sage, WorldPay, Stripe, PayPal and EPDQ however if there is something else you prefer, just let us know!
  6. Integration with EPOS and till systems, gives you instant, automatic updates between online and offline stock. Therefore, a customer could never purchase something you do not have in stock. 
  7. You can customise your order emails and notifications including invoices.
  8. Our software can also manage your workflow, from start to finish. Making sure your employees are always organised and on the ball.
  9. We can input all of your required data for example; products, variation, attributes and values, advanced tax rules and shipping rules, discount codes and per product discounts.
  10. You don’t have to have just one site! We can offer you multi-site e-commerce applications, using one codebase but with unlimited storefront ends. This can be especially useful for trade accounts.
  11. We can automate it. From the delivery provider to the customer feedback request. We can automate all of those pesky time-consuming tasks. Saving you time and reducing human error. 
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How is Bespoke E-commerce software different?

Our Bespoke E-commerce software is perfect for complex ideas and is specially designed for custom products. Helping your ideas come to life, easily.

Using our innovative Bespoke framework as a starting point and expanding it with the extra functionality your business needs, we can quickly give you an impressive online E-Commerce presence that matches your brand.

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They are very knowledgeable and meet all expectations.

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Their CRMs and bespoke software have helped to increase my efficiency.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Bespoke on the development of a groundbreaking website C...

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Highly recommend using Bespoke, Stuart and the team were a delight to work with. I had problems usin...

Jonathan Strawson

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