What is ERP Software? (Enterprise Resource Planning)

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) is a piece of software that allows you to centralise all of your information into one place, therefore, improve efficiency and reducing overheads.

This allows you to stay in control of all areas within the business with one application. Unlike the CRM or HRM systems, an ERP is focused on the processes, resources and planning within and across all departments of the business. Saving you money by ensuring your strategies and order processes are being followed correctly.

What are the benefits?

ERP systems help you and your business save time and money therefore there are plenty of benefits for using an ERP system, for example:

  1. Automation can be a key element in a successful business and you will be able to use and integrate APIs with your ERP to ensure your order and delivery processes are efficient and cost-effective. Saving you time and money!
  2. You will be able to manage and link all of your required HRM, CRM, Booking and scheduling and even your accounting software.
  3. As it is all of your information centralised it can be flexible, mobile, secure and cloud-based (especially when custom-built) allowing you to have complete control over each aspect.

An ERP is often designed for larger, more complex businesses due to its scalability however these features help you to reduce the cost of each sale made, and therefore it is a worthwhile investment.

How is Bespoke ERP Software Different?

ERP software is used frequently by businesses and some of the largest (well-known) businesses use ERP systems. However, at Bespoke, we create custom ERPs which give you the control over each feature and function you would like to include.

As we build this to your specification, the software is completely tailored to your needs. It will grow with your business, and you will own it!

Not sure if Bespoke Software is right for you?

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