Human Resource Management Software

What is HRM Software?

A HRM (Human Resource Management) is a piece of software that allows you to manage and store your employee information, therefore, saving you from those repetitive tasks and ensuring employees have everything they need to complete their working day successfully.

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What are the benefits?

HRM systems help you and your business save time and stay organised therefore there are plenty of benefits for using an HRM system, for example:

  1. Workflow management, shift patterns management, and learning task management features allow you to give your employees all of the information they require for their working day.
  2. You can store and update the employee's relevant related information such as holidays, contracts, sickness, disciplinaries, grievances, policies and procedures.
  3. Your employees have access to their information as and when required therefore allowing them to manage and update their information also.

These features focus on your relationship with your employees and help you to continue to maintain this positively.

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How is Bespoke HRM Software Different?

HRM software is used frequently by businesses of all sizes and some of the largest (well-known) businesses use CRM systems to manage their employee base. You may even be familiar with the popular off-the-shelf HRMs. However, at Bespoke, we create custom HRMs which give you the control over each feature and function you would like to include.

As we build this to your specification, the software is completely tailored to your needs. It will grow with your business, and you will own it!

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