HiyaHiya Case Study

December 13, 2023  |  2 min read
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Who is the client?

HiyaHiya Europe is a wholesaler of knitting and crochet equipment by the brand HiyaHiya. 

They formed in Norwich and became popular all over Europe, Asia and Africa.

What was the brief?

HiyaHiya had a modified Wordpress site which was on a high power server and would frequently go down despite this. 

They could not find a provider that would give them a stable product at an affordable price. 

The system they needed, also had to have the capabilities to manage all of their products, their stock control and automate delivery costs. 

It was required to automatically calculate how many items would fit into a package, email the client with notifications for each order stage and send invoice and payment emails.

Our solution

We solved this by providing HiyaHiya with a multi-site e-commerce application. 

This gave them multiple versions of the same site (one for their main site and another for their trade customers) from one application. 

Allowing them to calculate accurately; advanced tax rules, discounts and trade based pricing easily using APIs on the required sites. 

We also wrote an API to import all of their blog posts, products, categories, attributes, values, webpages and even shipping rules. 

They are now on a server which is 10% cheaper and have had no disruptions to this date due to our advanced caching techniques. 

Our software is written and designed to cater to thousands of orders and products therefore they know that their multi-site are as stable as can be!

Europe: https://hiyahiya-europe.com

Direct: https://hiyahiya-direct.com

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